South Tulsa Teen Shot To Death

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Tulsa, Oklahoma – Police are investigating the murder of a South Tulsa teen.  They say another teenager shot and killed 18-year-old Kaitlyn Finnegan Saturday night.

“It’s not supposed to happen that your child dies before you do,” Jeanne Finnegan said between sobs. She was their oldest and only daughter.  Jeanne and Jim are trying to accept that she’s gone. “It’s hard to see your daughter in the hospital and you can’t even touch her,” Jim Finnegan said. His daughter died at the hospital before he could say goodbye.

“I don’t understand how it could happen, why it happened. It doesn’t make sense- kids with guns,” Jim said.
Tulsa police told Fox 23 the Bishop Kelly High School student was shot at a friend’s house.  No one called police after the shooting; instead a friend drove her to the hospital.

Officers arrested 17-year-old Theo Fleming on a first-degree murder complaint. They say he shot Kaitlyn.

Her parents say the two were beginning to date.

“He knew what he was doing. He had a gun. He knew what a gun would do. To point it at her and pull the trigger, just to be screwing around. He still should go to jail for murder,” Jeanne said.

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4 Responses to “South Tulsa Teen Shot To Death”

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My heart goes out to the parents of Kaitlyn. Haven’t we had enough? When is congress going to enact better laws to keep our kids and communities safe? Thank you for having this website.

Realy an excellent endeavor.
Thank you for compiling this material.

This comment doesn’t pertain to this story, an accidental shooting is a tragedy. So is an accidental automobile death, a death by skiing, a death by airplane. At least one of these accounts for far more deaths than guns.

And I don’t see the ‘self-defense’ or ‘justifiable homicide’ categories listed on this web-site.

Maybe the owners of this site don’t consider self defense or law enforcement’s use of firearms to protect it’s citizens to be an acceptable category.

Just some random thoughts by a guy who’s tired of hysterical people insisting the rest of us surrender our rights in the name of security. When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

I think this site represents a rather jaundiced view of firearms.

Akdov, I am part of the editing team of this site. You asked a good question. Where are the ’self-defense’ or ‘justifiable homicide’ categories? You know what, we looked at all the gun deaths we collected, none fits into these two categories. Most gun deaths died from people the victims know, in argument and in murder-suicide, or nightclub fight. The NRA’s myth of gun used for defense does not exist. If you know any gun deaths that are so-called “self-defense”, please post it through comment to this site, and we will be happy to post it here.

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