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25-year-old man died from gunshot in the car

Posted on April 15, 2009. Filed under: Colorado, dispute - acquaintance |

Fort Morgan, CO –  25-year-old Fort Morgan man died Wednesday of gunshot injuries suffered Tuesday evening in the parking lot of the local McDonald’s restaurant.

Police responded about 6:10 p.m. Tuesday to a call of a shooting in the parking lot of the restaurant at Main Street and Riverview Avenue. Officers found Bornmann in a parked car with a gunshot wound to the head.

Bornmann was shot inside the vehicle, Fort Morgan Police Chief Keith Kuretich said.

“There’s no reason to believe otherwise at this point,” Kuretich said.

He was immediately taken to Colorado Plains Medical Center in Fort Morgan and later flown to Denver in critical condition, Kuretich said.

Bornmann was shot with a small-caliber handgun, but Kuretich could not disclose exactly where the gun was found at the scene or to whom it belonged.

“We can’t say whose it was,” he said. “It takes time to track down the registration of a weapon.” Kuretich also could not say whether the gunshot was self-inflicted.

“An autopsy will be conducted to determine the absolute cause of death as well as the manner in which the death was caused,” the chief said. “Any death involving a weapon is considered suspicious until we can confirm the manner of death. It could go anywhere from violent, or a homicide, to suicide to an accidental discharge. We need to determine that nothing criminal was involved.”

A juvenile female and two other adult males were in the car when police were called, Kuretich said, but the officers made no arrests. The three passengers were interviewed and released, he said, and no other parties were directly involved. More on Fort Morgan Times

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Teen shot to death by two other juveniles

Posted on April 13, 2009. Filed under: dispute - acquaintance, Louisiana |

Shreveport, Louisiana – Shreveport police are looking for two juveniles they believe were involved in a shooting death last night.

Patrol units responded to the 1900 block of Patzman in reference to a shots fired call. They found the victim lying in the parking lot of the Canaan Village apartments with a gun shot wound to his lower back.

Numerous witnesses were interviewed it was learned that Paul Jones, 16, (pictured) and Josh Brooks, 16, had gotten into a verbal altercation with the victim and other juveniles several days prior.

If you know where Jones or Brooks might be, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at 673-7373. More on KTBS

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Man, 20, shot to death by Friend

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SAN DIEGO, CA – A 20-year-old man was found shot to death Wednesday afternoon in an apartment in San Carlos, police said.

San Diego police Sgt. Bryan Pendleton said that shortly after 3 p.m., police received a call about a shooting at the Canyon View apartment complex on Navajo Road near Jackson Drive.

Officers found the victim inside a bedroom of a third-floor apartment in a three-story building in the gated complex. Paramedics who responded pronounced him dead.

Initial reports were that a 25-year-old man called police to report that he had accidentally shot his friend, Pendleton said.

No one else was believed to have been inside the apartment when the shooting occurred, Pendleton said.

The friend was taken to police headquarters in downtown San Diego for questioning.

Homicide detectives were at the apartment investigating Wednesday night.

It was not immediately disclosed where on the body the victim had been shot or what type of gun was used. More on SingOnSanDiego.com

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In St. Petersburg, street feud’s sad toll is an 8-year-old girl

Posted on April 5, 2009. Filed under: dispute - acquaintance, Florida |

St. Petersburg, Florida – For decades young men from Bethel Heights have warred with their rivals from Harbordale. No one even remembers how the feud started. But the city is once again mourning in its aftermath. An 8-year-old girl is dead, gunned down when her home was raked by semiautomatic rifles early Sunday morning. Paris Whitehead-Hamilton wasn’t the target. But she was the only one hurt, police say, when a heavily armed Bethel Heights crew looking for a Harbordale member opened fire on 771 Preston Ave. S.

Stephen Cortez Harper, 18, was arrested hours later by St. Petersburg police on a charge of being a principal to first degree murder. Three other suspects were the subject of a citywide manhunt on Monday.

Harper’s first arrest was at age 9. He now has an extensive criminal record — and a “bh4-life” tattoo. His sister blamed the shooting on those two street gangs.

“They fight just because they’re from two different hoods,” said Lecia Simmons, 24. “This has been going on since I was 13.”

The child’s murder in Bartlett Park touched a raw nerve in St. Petersburg, a city that has long seen more than its share of senseless violence. Ray Tampa, president of the St. Petersburg NAACP, said he’s hearing calls for a march to confront this “stupidity.”

That outrage has also revitalized an old debate: Is the city safe just because statistics say it is?

Pinellas-Pasco Chief Assistant State Attorney Bruce Bartlett likened St. Petersburg to a war zone.

“There is a definite crime problem in St. Pete, and it needs to be dealt with,” he said. “Don’t tell me we don’t have a problem if we’ve got this going on.”

Police Chief Chuck Harmon said he’s outraged, too. But once again he answered that outrage with numbers: “Crime in Bartlett Park is down” he said.

And, the chief said, four “thugs” shouldn’t be allowed to speak for an entire city. “I don’t think anyone should use this to say St. Pete is a war zone or is out of control,” Harmon said. “That’s totally wrong. You can’t define a community by the acts of four individuals.”

• • •

Paris was shot in the back by three stray bullets, police said, around 2:20 a.m. Sunday. She died within the hour at Bayfront Medical Center.  More on TampaBay.com

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Two killed in San Diego transit shooting

Posted on March 24, 2009. Filed under: California, dispute - acquaintance |

An apparent act of workplace violence in San Diego this morning left two employees of the Metropolitan Transit System dead and a third on life support, police said.

The incident began about 2:15 a.m. in the parking lot of the transit system’s downtown San Diego headquarters, where an employee shot two co-workers.

When police arrived, the shooter refused to surrender and pointed his weapon at officers, said Lt. Kevin Rooney of the San Diego Police Department.

Three officers opened fire, killing the man. One of the co-workers was dead at the scene, the other is on life support, Rooney said.

The gunman has been identified as Lonnie Glasco, 47, of El Cajon, a mechanic. The co-worker who died at the scene was Benjamin Mwangi, 37, of Lemon Grove, a foreman. The shooting reportedly occurred shortly after Glasco had ended his shift. More on LA Times

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21-year-old shot and killed while driving away from club

Posted on March 22, 2009. Filed under: dispute - acquaintance, Oklahoma |

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma –21-year-old Jonathan P. Ingersoll was shot and killed while driving away from an Oklahoma City club on March 22. Police say the shots were fired from another vehicle.

Police have arrested 1 of 2 men who had warrants issued following a drive-by shooting death in northwest Oklahoma City.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s warrant team found 20-year-old Kenneth Thompson at an apartment Thursday morning and took him into custody on a murder complaint.

Police are still seeking 18-year-old Kendal Richardson, who also had a warrant issued for his arrest after the shooting. More on KSWO.com

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22-year-old man shot to death by another gang member

Posted on March 21, 2009. Filed under: dispute - acquaintance, Texas |

EDINBURG, Texas – Albert Tobias Cuevas, 29, is wanted in connection with the death of 22-year-old Alton resident Arnulfo Calderon Hernandez Jr. Hernandez’s body was found March 21 in the middle of 8 Mile Line between Stewart and Bryan roads, northeast of Mission.

Sheriff’s investigators believe Cuevas shot Hernandez multiple times inside Cuevas’ moving 2004 Pontiac Grand Am and then pushed Hernandez out of the car while it was still moving.

Cuevas confessed to a witness that he had killed Hernandez on the belief that the 22-year-old Alton man was being disrespectful.

The suspected killer is a member of the street gang El Cinco, the same criminal organization to which Hernandez belonged. More on The Monitor

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Richmond teen died from shooting after party

Posted on February 28, 2009. Filed under: California, dispute - acquaintance |

As the birthday party broke up, a hooded man casually strolled up Ohio Avenue, approaching a knot of the dispersing friends of relations standing in the driveway. He reached in a pocket the way someone might retrieve a lighter. Only it wasn’t a lighter.

“He reached into his jacket, really casually, and pulled a gun,” Richmond police Detective Eric Haupt said. “He pointed it and started firing indiscriminately at people. He wasn’t shooting at anyone in particular.”

But he hit 16-year-old Gompers High School student Salvador Cortez Jr., who fell in the driveway and died a short time later.

The man then ran off, either jumping into a waiting vehicle or not, depending on the witness.

The killing happened about 12:30 a.m. Feb. 28 on the 3100 block of Ohio, where Cortez’s family held a small party to celebrate a relative’s 18th birthday. Friends, romantic partners and other hangers-on attended.

Depending on the witness, hard looks might have been exchanged between some at the party, and someone might have been ejected before the shooting, Haupt said. But without more cooperation, he said, his theory of the crime will remain just that — a theory.The department released a sketch of the gunman this week in hope that a witness will step forward and identify him.

Cortez became the third of four West Contra Costa Unified School District students killed by gunfire this year. Most recently, 16-year-old Ajaia Ruffen died in an April 3 drive-by shooting on 19th Street. Police do not believe she was the intended target. More on Mercury news

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13-year-old killed 11-year-old in Virginia

Posted on February 3, 2009. Filed under: dispute - acquaintance, Virginia |

RUSTBURG, Virginia — A 13-year-old Brookneal boy has been found guilty in the Feb. 3 shooting death of an 11-year-old neighbor.

Brandon Lee Walker was charged with murder after he shot Andrew Bryant Lambert in what was initially described as horseplay.

However, Campbell County Sheriff’s Office investigators have said Walker pointed a gun at Lambert three times. The third time, he cocked the rifle and pulled the trigger, officials said.

Judge A. Ellen White ruled Walker a delinquent, defense attorney Joseph Sanzone said after Friday’s trial in Campbell Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court.

Sanzone said the judge ruled that there was not evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to show that the boy acted with malice or premeditation, meaning that he would have been convicted of involuntary manslaughter if he were older.

A sentencing hearing has not been scheduled.

“At 13, he is still a child, and he understands a lot of what has happened, but there’s a lot he doesn’t understand,” Sanzone said.

Outside the courthouse, Samuel Lambert, the victim’s older brother, told a television reporter that he was disappointed and had hoped for a first-degree murder conviction. He also said he was glad the trial was over.

“My brother can rest in peace,” Lambert said. More from Richmond Times

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Couple were killed by man over dispute on parking

Posted on February 16, 2008. Filed under: Colorado, dispute - acquaintance |

Denver, Colorado – Lance Leroy McDermed, 38, then received two life sentences in Adams County District Court for the murders of Marco and Vera Escobedo.

The couple — Marco was 44 and Vera was 41 — were gunned down Feb. 16, 2008, after answering a knock on the door of their Autumn Creek condominium in the 9100 block of Gale Boulevard. McDermed had several run-ins with the victims, including some about parking, neighbors said. More on Denver Post

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Teen’s Random Shooting Killed Straight-A student

Posted on March 23, 2007. Filed under: California, dispute - acquaintance |

Sacramento, California –

Tyes, who was 15 at the time of the shooting, went to Del Paso Heights when two of his friends called him on a cell phone to say that somebody had threatened his younger brother at the party on Cypress Street.

“Get out here,” one of them told him, according to Deputy District Attorney Rick Miller. “Don’t be a punk.”

According to Miller, Tyes got a ride to the corner of Roanoke Avenue and Cypress Street, a few houses away from the site of the party. He then pulled out a semiautomatic handgun and fired 13 shots down the street, where Jelisa Office was sitting on the car she had recently purchased with money she earned on her fast-food job.

One of the bullets struck her in the head, and the girl who talked about going to Grambling State University died instantly.

In five days of testimony, the trial was marked by four teenaged witnesses – including three who gave police highly incriminating statements against Tyes – who refused to testify, drastically changed their stories from what they had initially told investigators, or out-and-out lied, according to the prosecutor.

Two of the witnesses had identified Tyes as the person who fired the gun the night of the killing. Another had told police that Tyes admitted to shooting the girl. The fourth lived in the house where police eventually recovered the murder weapon.

“These were people who were willing to come into court and, obviously to you folks, flat out commit perjury,” Miller told the jury in his closing argument. “A completely innocent girl lost her life, and they don’t care.”

Miller said the murder was “simply about showing up, respect, and not being a punk.”

Despite the story his friends told Tyes, there was no evidence that his brother had been threatened the night of the party. Miller said “there was no fight” and that “nothing ever happened” between Tyes’ brother and anybody else at the Cypress Street party.

Even then, Tyes “attacked people who had nothing to do with anything,” least of all the non-threat against his younger brother, according to Miller. More on Sacramento Bee

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